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Financing Options to Purchase Semi-Trailers, Reefers, Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Chassis and Transportation Equipment

Financing Options for Your Transportation Equipment Purchase

  • Many of our customers utilize CREDIT CARDS to finance their equipment purchases and we accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • YOUR BANK. Many customers are able to go to their existing bank and acquire the financing they require. We recommend you try this avenue as the rates and terms will probably be the best.
  • Semi-Trailer Big Box has also developed several relationships with THIRD PARTY LEASING AND FINANCE companies to assist you with your financing needs. While these rates may be a little higher they still provide a reasonable alternative to bank financing.


Basic Qualifications for Third Party Financing:

  • A viable credit score. Lenders vary on this point but a minimum 600 is generally required.
  • No Bankruptcies or Tax liens on your credit report.
  • Usually a down payment equal to 2-3 months of the monthly payment. Again, this requirement varies by lender.
  • A signed credit application will get the process rolling.
  • All financing is subject to credit approval.


Please contact your Sales Account Manager if you would like us to assist you with your financing requirements.


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